Dendrophthoe pentandra methanolic leaf extract increases progesterone levels in female rats

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Lazuardi Mochamad
Bambang Hermanto


Human infertiliy cases in Indonesia have tended to increase at about 2-5%
annually since 2000. Many tropical plants in Indonesia are potential sources of novel anti-infertility compounds, e.g. Dendrophthoe pentandra L. Miq. (benalu duku), a parasitic plant growing on Lansium domesticum. The objective of this study was to identify the effect of crude methanolic Dendrophthoe pentandra leaf extract on follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and progesterone levels in female rats.
Fourteen Rattus norvegicus Wistar strain female rats were divided into an
intervention group and a control group, and synchronized to estrus via the
pheromone synchronizing method. The intervention group was given daily single intramuscular injections of crude methanolic Dendrophthoe pentandra leaf extract at 100 mg/kgBW for 4 days, while the control group was given daily single intramuscular injections of 1 mL of distilled water. Determination of FSH and progesterone levels in whole blood was done using the Randox Evidence Investigator analyzer. The data were subjected to the t test for two independent samples.
Mean FSH in the intervention group was 9.28 ± 6.72 mIU/mL, which was lower than mean FSH of 24.80 ±16.35 mIU/mL in controls (p<0.05). Mean progesterone level in the intervention group was 33.55±13.96 nmol/L, twice as high as that in the control group, which was 18.47± 06.47 nmol/L (p<0.05).
Crude methanolic Dendrophthoe pentandra leaf extract reduces FSH and
increases progesterone levels in female rats, but cannot yet be recommended for use as fertility hormone inhibitor or stimulator in rats.

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Mochamad, L., & Hermanto, B. (2014). Dendrophthoe pentandra methanolic leaf extract increases progesterone levels in female rats. Universa Medicina, 33(2), 100–108.
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